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WebsiteMan (WMO) involves entrusting the management of a website and the entire online environment to a third-party service provider. Our commitment is to deliver substantial business value, focusing on Next Generation Commerce, Core Process Excellence, and a significant competitive advantage.

In shaping the future market landscape, organizations worldwide face the challenge of enhancing productivity and operational efficiency within increasingly limited budgets. Cesta Inc Consulting Services utilizes profound domain expertise to streamline lengthy and costly recruitment processes, effectively managing available resources. Our specialists provide high-quality, cost-effective Information Technology Resource Management (ITRM) solutions, empowering companies with a competitive edge and the agility to adapt to evolving business and technological demands.

We are trailblazers in managing both core and non-core, resource-intensive functions on both contractual and permanent bases. Our unparalleled recruitment methods, coupled with a keen understanding of your needs, enable us to inject highly skilled expertise directly into your organization precisely when you require specialized assistance - and only for the duration you need it. Your non-core processes are our core business.

We reiterate our commitment to delivering significant business value, encompassing Next Generation Commerce, Core Process Excellence, and a substantial competitive advantage.

Our expertise extends across various sectors, including:

Finance & Banking

Health Care & Pharma

Automotive / Manufacturing




Media & Entertainment

Legal Services

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