Education is a key driver for the development, Cesta Inc its credit, is into developing and delivering Online Tutorials & implementing a end to end solutions for a distance learning programs & e-University programs.

We use our own internal learning, as well as our experience in the business and technology of education to give clients differentiated solutions and services. In addition to delivering technology solutions to support their business, we help clients mitigate the risks of a changing learning environment. Cesta Inc offers these tutorials & e-learning programs while mapping and integrating into the university's curriculum and pedagogic systems which supports even distance education programs. These address a significant portion of the college's teaching-learning process while improving the quality of learning. Our well defined solutions create Virtual e-Learning Environment using our e-learning portal and making it highly scalable and affordable.

Our vision is to enhance the quality of higher education through innovative solutions. our aim is to address the challenges by building solutions that work within the existing framework (of manpower, infrastructure and finances).


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